Charleston County School District

Charleston County School District (CCSD) promotes and values high quality certified teachers from traditional institutions of higher educations’ teaching programs, as well as Alternative Certification Programs.  Each Alternative Certification Program in South Carolina and CCSD offers quality training.

State Alternative Certification Program:

Program of Alternative Certification for Educators (PACE) offers qualified participants an opportunity to teach in a South Carolina public school while completing the requirements for professional certification. Participants receive hands-on experience in the classroom and the support of experienced educators as they complete a series training seminars and courses.  (South Carolina State Department of Education website, 2015)

American Board of Certified Teaching Excellence (ABCTE) offers a series of examinations that lead to a certificate in middle or secondary English, Mathematics, or Science areas. Individuals who pass these examination(s) can seek employment and work toward professional certification. Information about ABCTE can be found at  (South Carolina State Department of Education website, 2015)

Career and Technology Education (CATE) Work Based Certification Program enables individuals with work experience in career and technology areas who do not meet the regular certification requirements to be eligible for employment as a 9-12 grade level teacher in a South Carolina public school district. Candidates will have a maximum of five (5) certification years (July 1 – June 30) to complete all work-based certification program requirements and earn a Professional work-based teaching certificate.  (South Carolina State Department of Education website, 2015)