Investing in Teachers

ALL TEACHERS 4% COST-OF-LIVING RAISE (on average) that will be a permanent adjustment to the CCSD salary schedule. Beginning teachers with a bachelor’s degree and no experience got a 3.7% raise, while more experienced teachers were adjusted 4.3%. CCSD’s raise is 4 times more than the 1% raise the State mandated for teachers. The Board of Trustees approved this raise as part of a three-year plan (subject to approval by the Board each year) to ensure CCSD teachers are the highest paid in South Carolina. 

ALL TEACHERS STEP RAISE for longevity that averages 2% for up to 25 years of experience. This is on top of the cost-of-living raise, meaning the majority of teachers will see a total of 6% more in salary this year. To put all this into an actual dollars example, a master’s level teacher moving into their 16th year went from a salary of $54,507 last year to $57,822 this year with the Step raise added to the cost-of-living raise.

MATH TEACHERS IN HIGH-POVERTY SCHOOLS get an extra salary incentive for teaching in identified schools. The extra salary is $7,593 for beginning teachers (pushing their salary to $45,000 this year) and could go as high as $16,267 extra for a doctorate and 23 years experience. Using the example of the master’s degree math teacher moving into their 16th year, the salary would have jumped from $54,507 last year to $70,270 this year with cost-of-living, Step and math salary incentive). This extra salary incentive is available for any certified math teacher, even those who have “maxed-out” on Step raises or those who are working retirees.

WORKING RETIREES under earnings limitation can work in any of 40 identified CCSD schools and receive their state retirement income and enjoy all the salary enhancements (above) available to CCSD teachers.