Charleston County School District Teacher Hiring Process

The following steps comprise the teacher hiring process:

  1. COMPLETE AN APPLICATION: Complete an AppliTrack online application through our website. This system provides postings that are school specific, and allows you to select positions of interest. Once your application is submitted, you will move into our hiring review process. If you have questions about the hiring process or need assistance with the application system, please email our Human Resources Support Center (, or give us a call at (843)937-6380.
  2. FIND SCHOOLS OF INTEREST: Click here to connect to each school’s website and view the information on school size and location, programs offered, and the faculty pages that highlight certain curricula. CCSD has a diverse offering of teaching opportunities.
  3. APPLICATION REVIEW: Once the job posting closes, the principal of the school will review all submitted applicants and extend an offer to interview candidates that meet the needs of their particular school.
  4. CANDIDATE SELECTION: After the interviews, the principal will make a hiring recommendation to Human Resources, and the clearance process begins.  A Recruitment Specialist will contact the candidate and let them know what documents are needed in order to move forward with the hiring recommendation.

Important Reminders

  • Keep your AppliTrack application current. Change your e-mail, phone number, etc. as needed. Your email address is very important; many of our principals utilize the email address on your application to contact you for interviews.
  • Upload your current teacher certificate. If you are a May graduate, you need to upload a letter of recommendation from your College or University’s Clinical Internship Director which states you have completed the teacher education program and you are being recommended for your state’s teacher certification. They will be able to issue that letter after your graduation.
  • Begin the SC reciprocity process if you hold an out-of-state teacher certificate. Go to the SC Department of Education’s website to contact the Office of Certification and view the steps for teacher certificate reciprocity. You may access the South Carolina State Department using this link:
  • Contact the State Department of Education for any teacher certification questions on degree level, area of endorsements, or years of experience. You may call the Hotline at (803) 896-0325, or email them at Your CCSD pay will be based on the information listed on your SC certificate. Please remember to request all endorsements (for example, Middle and High English Certification if you are 7 – 12 English certified).
  • Principals will extend an invitation to selected candidates for an interview for any of their vacancies.

We genuinely appreciate your interest in Charleston County School District. If there is anything we can do to assist with your job search, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!