What is the TIPS (Teacher Induction & Preparation Support)? 

CCSD has implemented the TIPS Program to benefit beginning educators as they enter their careers.  Through participation in TIPS and the support of school-based and learning community leadership, it is the goal of the Office of Teacher Effectiveness to assist beginning educators in gaining accelerated success and effectiveness, as well as greater self-confidence during the first year.  TIPS will offer a heightened sense of job satisfaction and allow beginning educators the opportunity to build connections within their schools, their learning communities, and the district.  Beginning educators find they will have an enhanced commitment to their students and the profession as they work with colleagues in their schools and the district.

Office of Teacher Effectiveness
The OTE ensures compliance, collaborates, stays neutral and analyzes data

WHO: Educators!!!! Through the efforts of the Office of Teacher Effectiveness, we seek to retain the brightest and best teachers in our district in collaboration with principals and school-based mentors. We do this with first and second-year teachers and others as needed. Our office is staffed with teacher effectiveness specialists that wholeheartedly support each teacher.

WHAT: We provide direct support to all educators, specifically first and second-year teachers through mentoring. Our goal is to RETAIN the BEST.

WHEN: ALL YEAR. We provide support to educators throughout the year. We do this by visiting our teachers throughout the entire year in both group and individual settings. Induction teachers are given a timeline to follow that teacher effectiveness specialists help the teachers achieve.

WHERE: Each school in Charleston County is supported by the Office of Teacher Effectiveness. We have strategically divided the district into 8 regions to match our educators closely with other educators in the same region to create a synergy that allows them to share ideas based on the same geographical areas.

WHY: Because students are the heart of our work!!!!!!! Which means they need great teachers. It is widely known that there is a teacher shortage across the country. The Office of Teacher Effectiveness seeks to be a steadfast supporter of our teachers to grow them into the finest teachers for our all of our children.

How does it fit into my Induction year?

Through a comprehensive program, the Office of Teacher Effectiveness provides support through a myriad of ways. Specifically, we do quarterly cohort meetings with all new teachers based on their region and provide them with the tools necessary to enhance their teaching acumen. We also provide one on one opportunities for teachers to get specific information to them to hone their craft.

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